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Ever thought of making an impact on
the future of lab medicine while getting
your employees involved?

Now you can
by hosting a
Lab Give Back Day.

What is a “Give Back Day”? Glad you asked. In its simplest form, a Give Back Day is an organizational initiative that empowers your staff at all levels to “give back” to the local community by educating young students on the laboratory industry. It is best done by going into a local elementary or middle school and engaging the students in lab demonstrations and getting them animated about the unknown world of laboratory medicine. It also doesn’t hurt to serve pizza. Right here are all the tools you need to host your own Give Back Day. Our “How To” Guide is a great way to get started. We, at COLA, have had great success with Give Back Days. It has increased the profile of our organization and empowered our staff to get involved with local schools and educate young students about the world of laboratory medicine.

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